The Fishy parts.

That’s the picture of Ashley after her alleged attack

Note that the B is backwards.  Exactly as it would appear if someone did it to themselves in the mirror.  

There is really no puffiness around the eyes.  The “black” in a black eye comes from accumulating blood beneath the skin.  In other words there MUST be puffiness, exactly where the eye is black, if it’s a real black eye.  Take another look at the picture and see if that is the case.  The effect as shown in the picture could be easily faked.

The B is perfectly uniform, and almost perfectly shaped.  Supposedly, it was scratched in with a knife, yet there are zero puncture wounds, and the knife marks have not deviated at all from the outline of the B.  If Ashley struggled even a little bit, this sort of precision is next to impossible.  According to Ashley, it was done at night, in a fit of rage.

Supposedly, the attacker robbed her, and then presumably let her go after he got the money. Then instead of running away from the scene of the crime, the attacker waited to see what car she got in.  THEN the attacker noticed what car Ashley Todd ran towards, became enraged, ran back over to her, and began beating her.  Why didn’t the mugger just run away after he got the money, which is presumably what he wanted in the first place?

According to Ashley, she was robbed around 9PM Wednesday night by a man wearing only a black undershirt. At 9PM in Pittsburgh on Wednesday it was 43 degrees outside.  I think most people, and especially muggers who are probably not interested in sticking out, and who were presumably waiting around in the cold for a victim, would wear a damn jacket.

Ashley’s wounds are consistent with self-inflicted injuries.  They are superficial and localized, carefully done, and show no signs of a struggle.


4 responses to “The Fishy parts.

  1. What I find most fishy is…who twitters after being mugged?

  2. Or for that matter, who twitters about looking for an ATM?

    And it’s not as if BofA ATM’s are difficult to find.

  3. ashleyislying

    To be fair, Bank of America ATMs are very hard to find in pittsburgh. There are no branches and only a handful of ATMs.

    Still, anyone with half a brain would just Google a location rather than drive around for an hour in an unfamiliar city to save $1.50 in ATM fees

  4. Re the BoA ATMs…how long had Todd been in Pittsburgh? Was this the first time she figured out that finding an ATM was hard?

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