The Facts

According to the original reporting news agency, Ashley Todd..


  • is from College Station, TX
  • is a volunteer for the McCain/Palin campaign.
  • claims she was robbed of $60 by a 6’4″, 200 lb black man around 9pm Wednesday night.
  • claims she was repeated kicked and punched by her alleged attacker
  • claims her alleged attacker scratched a ‘B’ (for Barack) into her cheek by a knife, because she had a McCain bumper sticker.
Here is a picture of Ashley after her alleged attack:

4 responses to “The Facts

  1. I wouldn’t exactly call line items #3,4 and 5 “facts.”

  2. i dont believe it, its a fear tactic to scare white females. White females are the most protected thing in America. The Army sent SF to find jessica lynch! This plays in the fear that mccain and palin are using, I hope people can see through this smoke screen.

  3. The nos. 3, 4, 5 are allegations until proven as facts. But, I would agree that nos. 1 & 2 are facts, although this might later change as well.

  4. Ok, time to remove “facts” 3 thru 5 from this page (or just add a few asterisks with nice links to the update).

    Oh, and give a Pulitzer.

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