McCain campaign beginning to back off the story.

After initially jumping at this too-good-to-be-true storyline, and after both McCain and Palin personally called Ashley Todd, and after they issued a statement expressing how terribly shaken up they were

The McCain campaign is now refraining from comment on this story.

Perhaps they smell the lies in the water.


More news coming in about the College Republican National Committee.

It is already clear, from Ashley’s twitter feed leading up to the “attack”, that this whole charade was pre-meditated. 

Given the speed with which this was politicized by the Mccain campaign, it’s now worth noting that the organization Ashley Todd works for, the College Republican National Committee, is a former home to a veritable who’s-who of high-powered right-wing political operatives.

These include Karl Rove, Rick Santorum, Lee Atwater, and several current Mccain campaign advisors.

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Ashley Todd was administered a polygraph test late Thursday or early Friday, according to a story by Fox News, of all places.  Ashley is now…

  • No longer sure she was even mugged.  She’s only certain that $60 is missing.
  • Now claiming she was unconscious during much of the attack.
  • Less definitive about the motives behind the attack.
Fox News had the decency to finally take her picture off their home page.  I have to give them credit for printing these new facts as they come in.
Let’s call this the second nail in the coffin.

The Ashley Todd story made it across the Atlantic.

However, The UK Telegraph is a little more prudent, and casts a reasonable amount of doubt on Ashley’s story, unlike foxnews which continues to imply her story is likely true.

Fox News on the bandwagon. On air reporting the “attack” as fact.

Here’s the video.  Shameful.

Pittsburgh police to administer polygraph test in the morning.

As reported by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Pittsburgh police are planning to administer a polygraph to Ashley Todd Friday morning.  

Polygraphs really don’t have much legal meaning these days.  I’m guessing that they know she’s full of male cow poop and are trying to encourage her to come clean.

1st nail in the coffin: The ATM data is inconsistent with Ashley’s story.

Perhaps she thought that Banks didn’t bother keeping track of who withdraws money, and when. 

The original reporting news agency has printed an update.

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