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Pittsburgh police to administer polygraph test in the morning.

As reported by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Pittsburgh police are planning to administer a polygraph to Ashley Todd Friday morning.  

Polygraphs really don’t have much legal meaning these days.  I’m guessing that they know she’s full of male cow poop and are trying to encourage her to come clean.


1st nail in the coffin: The ATM data is inconsistent with Ashley’s story.

Perhaps she thought that Banks didn’t bother keeping track of who withdraws money, and when. 

The original reporting news agency has printed an update.

[Thanks, lj] has promoted Ashley’s story to the front page.

See for yourself:

Does anyone else need convincing that this story is getting really political, really quickly?

The lie needs to be crushed before it spreads further.

Ashley’s ‘B’ wound consistent with self-injury

Posters with forensic experience are cropping up around the web to point this out.   Ashley’s wound shows several characteristics consistent with self-injury including:

  • The wounds are in an easily self-accessible location
  • The wounds are relatively clean 
  • The wounds are non-linear (most violent carving happens in straight lines, not careful curved ones)
  • The wounds are superficial (there are no puncture wounds)
  • The wounds are not accompanied by any sign of struggle.  
The damning evidence continues to roll in.  Hopefully everyone who reported Ashley as a victim will print the coming retractions.
Here’s the picture again:

Ashley Todd original report came from right-wing paper.

The story was originally broken by The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The Review is owned by a well-known right-wing political operative, and billionaire, named Richard Mellon Scaife.

The paper last received national attention for attacking Teresa Heinz Kerry as unamerican.

Ashley’s Myspace Page: “The most fun a girl can have is lying”

Ashley has password-protected her page, but you can see the cached version here:

Ashley was supposedly looking for a Bank of America. There aren’t any in Pittsburgh.

Ashley was able to Twitter from her phone while driving around, so she had access to the internet.  

According to her Twitter feed, she was randomly driving around looking for a Bank of America.

Why didn’t she just use the internet to do a quick search at to find that there are literally no Bank of America branches within 100 miles?