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  1. I hope that you have a screen shot of that twitter page, it’s blocked now.

    This whole thing stinks (bad), and I am deeply impressed that you have created this blog.


  2. ashleyislying

    Thanks a lot Anna.

    And hey, if the media and police won’t do their jobs, somebody has to.

  3. way to go.

    thanks for getting the truth out, because truth is king, truth is what we all need, no matter what our political affiliation is. well, what you’re actually doing is shining a light on possible falsehoods…which is the way toward the truth.

    anyway, thanks.

  4. ashleyislying

    Really, the worst part about all these sorts of claims is that they cast doubt on the validity of so many truthful claims of violence, especially from women.

    As far as the political effect, I wonder how the republican ticket will respond after initially showing soooo much sympathy for an obviously false story.

  5. take a look at this detailed blog about Bloomfield, the area where the alleged act took place.


  6. Smoking Gun has screen shots of her twitter page; note that timeline:


  7. I think all the candidates did what they should have done, express sympathy for the girl until they have reason to feel otherwise, because there is always the possibility that it is true. It’s not their place to be judging, they’ve got a campaign to run. All four of them. So, I don’t find fault with either side. They all did the right thing, the most caring response.

    Truth will out, one way or the other.

  8. ashleyislying

    @ruth: I think Barack’s campaign was politically forced to give it’s statement expressing sympathy.

    But who’s the last person to get called personally by both Mccain and Palin in the same day?

    You’ll note that their original statement was that they were “sick” over the attack, then they later changed their statement to say it would be improper to make a statement as the evidence started coming in.

    My opinion is that the Mccain/Palin ticket saw a good storyline and jumped the gun a bit.

  9. This story screamed fishy the moment I read it. There are a few inconsistencies that I haven’t seen posted here yet… so here goes..

    1. She left the scene of the crime and knew how to get to the friend’s home quickly, explain her situation and return within 45 minutes to call the police. This does not gel with her statement to police that she was lost, confused as to her whereabouts and could not remember which ATM.

    2. The backwards B could be explained by an alternate position by the attacker, yes, but the perfection of the initial does not support the story of being beaten viciously . I have been the victim of a violent crime/robbery and you do not patiently wait while someone is perfecting their artwork on your face.

    3. The black eye is half real, the bruising is segmented once you look beneath the makeup ( also a theatre person here, highly experienced) which leads me to believe it was done deliberately in small segments through pinching or lighter repetitive self inflicted blows until a mild bruising could occur. It has been enhanced for the photograph, I assure you. The complete lack of broken blood vessels in the “white” of the eye is not only unlikely , but damn near impossible.

    4. When a thug wants money they grab and go, they want their crack hit, NOT to stop and make a political statement. That in itself is just ridiculous. I was robbed at an ATM by a man that has done this repetitively… they run the moment they get the money… and that’s simply how it is.

    I am really glad you made this blog. It truly pisses me off that someone can put others in danger by wasting police resources, abusing the trust of the public, and making the real attacks less viable… and the fact that this girl didn’t even consider how the ramifications of her actions. What if an innocent man had been arrested? Would she go along to protect herself?

  10. You may wanna check out this youtube video of her. Look at about the 26 second mark and notice the “B” on her paper…. Just saying…

  11. OMG I have been following this all morning… just feel compelled to watch this bitch go down,and I just read that it has been proven she called the McCain campaign office BEFORE she called the police!!

    Unreal….. there is a special hell for people like this.

  12. Toni, where did you read that? Do you have a link (not that I don’t believe it!)

  13. I read it on the rumproast blog. Apparently, Pittsburgh talk radio show host Marty Griffin, from KDKA 1020 has some resources closer to the incident and read that tidbit on the air!

  14. It’s done… she finally confessed and charges will be filed! I hope someone explains to this twit the kind of damage she has truly caused.


  15. Thanks

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