Meet Nancy Takehara: An Obama campaign worker who was *actually* attacked.

It broke earlier this week that Nancy Takehara, 58, was canvassing for the Obama campaign in Wisconsin, when a man, now identified as 71 year-old Ronald Goetsch, accused her of working for ACORN, grabbed her hair, and struck her.  

At first glance it may sound similar to the Todd case, but in this instance we have an actual confession from the attacker.

Obama spoke directly to Nancy to check on her health, although the campaign has not released any official statement, other than to say that they take the safety of their campaign staff very seriously.


3 responses to “Meet Nancy Takehara: An Obama campaign worker who was *actually* attacked.

  1. Another Obama campaigner’s face was slashed by someone who approached him to yell about politics back in August, for real this time..and witnessed by more than one cop.

  2. ashleyislying

    @Peeves: I’d have a hard time believing that that one was politically motivated. Having spent a lot of time in San Francisco, I can tell you the downtown area is constantly teeming with all sorts of mentally unstable characters. Never in my life have I seen so many screaming-at-inanimate-objects insane people.

  3. Drudge is probably all over this one already… whoops, wait… no scary black guy? Volunteer isn’t young and white? Pfffft. Lame. Next!

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