Update: Link to full confession story

Thanks to all the tipsters who sent me information, including “c” for the news that she confessed.

The job isn’t done yet.   I want to see how early the Mccain campaign was involved in this mess.  I’m hearing reports that Todd called the Mccain campaign BEFORE calling the police.  Still looking for a source on that – any help?

In about 16 hours – this blog got well over 10,000 views and dozens of comments from fellow thinkers around the web.  Together, the blogosphere did what the mainstream media refuses to do, and debunked this story before it got too far.  

Thanks again – I’ll continue posting for a little while as this fizzles out.



  1. *smmfh*

    I’m anxiously awaiting Countdown tonight.

  2. Good job. I’m kinda scared what could happen to the internet after this election- far too many lies have been disproven.

  3. Congrats Ashley, for making it that much harder for legitimate victims of crime.

  4. Thanks so much creater of this bog, whoever you are.

    You have done what the mainstream media refused to do.

    Good on ya.

  5. i’m going to go out on a limb here and say… fuck this girl. seriously. i know it’s rude and high inappropriate but I’m so sick of people like her. congrats, you are now successfully the most popular idiot in the country. thank you for clogging up the news and every blog in the world with your ugly face and bad make up job. Multiple choice question… Ashley Todd is:
    A) a horrible liar.
    B) going to fail theater makeup school
    C) desperately seeking attention
    D) going to get mugged by a black man for real next week.
    E) about to be shamed on national news tonight.
    F) all of the above

  6. She needs to be punished to the full extent of the law. This is a serious crime and her accusation could have caused major detriment (and by no means am I saying that it didn’t cause some harm because it did). She should be punished accordingly.

  7. It was obvious to anyone with sight that those black eyes were created by Maybelline. I checked out her YouTube videos and it’s apparent that this girl is a little…different.

    Great job, author of this blog!

  8. ashleyislying

    @MxAnthrope – Thanks a lot. This blog owes a lot to my commenters and tipsters.

  9. Awhile ago, I heard a local reporter on MSNBC who said something about the police are not sure to do with her because of her mental problems or (current) state, I can’t remember which she said. I don’t know what that’s about or what’s going on but let’s not let this girl off the hook due to her being a pathological liar (her mental problem?). She knew full well what she was doing. If she’s distraught now (current TEMPORARY state), it’s because she’s been caught and fearing the consequences. I’d be acting the fool too if I had just been found out by the entire industrialized world.

  10. I bet Keith will have fun with this one!

    Now, for an early Christmas present – if only she would admit that she was put up to it by a paid staffer

  11. I heard that she was a plant by the Obama campaign. They scrubbed the internet of info on her before planting her in the McCain campaign. There is one video of her talking about being an Obama supporter. The Obama people are disgusting

  12. ashleyislying

    @ truthteller: you’ll note that I’ve cited specific evidence and/or media sources for every claim I’ve made on this site. Do likewise or I will delete your comment.

  13. Its sad the lengths people will go to… OBAMA has already won and trivial stunts like this only make his supporters come out stronger…I must say “truth teller”. Id love to see this video you speak of, and know that its been authenticated, otherwise it holds about as much weight as your comment!

  14. The idea that Ashley is an Obama plant is one of desperation and easily dismissed.

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