Quick pat on the back…

Ashleyislying is the fastest growing blog on WordPress. It won’t be updated much longer, of course, but I’m happy to have provided a reference for people trying to get a minute-by-minute account of how this story unfolded.

12,000+ views in the critical 24 hours during which people were busy trying to tell fact from fiction.

Now – back to searching for information about the McCain campaign’s involvement.


2 responses to “Quick pat on the back…

  1. I got a ton of hits too–just for understanding how ridiculous her charges were.
    Congrats on the ‘fastest growing’ crown!


  2. The whole story STUNK to me from the minute I heard it. It’s a shame really! That’s a sick little girl. At least she got her 15 minutes of fame. We all remember Susan Smith!

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