John Moody, FOX News VP predicts “McCain’s quest for presidency is over”

Read his blog post here

When there was still some doubt (in the minds of some), Moody predicted that McCain’s campaign would be irretreivably tied to race-baiting if this turned out to be a hoax.  

Well, it’s a hoax.


6 responses to “John Moody, FOX News VP predicts “McCain’s quest for presidency is over”

  1. This is too perfect. Every time I see the backwards ‘B’ I smile.

  2. hhaha me too mark, I laugh every time I see her stupid face.

  3. I will laugh (or Cry) if it comes out that a McCain paid staffer put her up to it.

  4. Well that was fun and fast. I’d have a hard time believing any McCain staffer would’ve put her up to this though. They aren’t dumb enough to let her make such a horrible mess of it.

  5. @Peeves:
    I think she devised this plot on her own. HOWEVER, there has been talk, and some evidence, of the McCain campaign pushing this obviously bogus story as quickly as they could.

  6. I just read the report that said a McCain staffer was the one who told the media the ‘B’ stood for Barack. It’s amazing how many chances that campaign has had to eff up and they took every one. It’s like 100 for 100. You’d think they’d take a break at sucking..especially when it comes to a clear crazy.

    Also, the crazy has blamed the media for ‘blowing it into a political firestorm’. Amazing these people.

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