Ashley was supposedly looking for a Bank of America. There aren’t any in Pittsburgh.

Ashley was able to Twitter from her phone while driving around, so she had access to the internet.  

According to her Twitter feed, she was randomly driving around looking for a Bank of America.

Why didn’t she just use the internet to do a quick search at to find that there are literally no Bank of America branches within 100 miles?


10 responses to “Ashley was supposedly looking for a Bank of America. There aren’t any in Pittsburgh.

  1. You are really a douche.

  2. ashleyislying

    @ Wow: Sorry, but it just doesn’t add up. I’m not the only one who feels this way.

  3. i think ashley is lying. but fyi, you don’t need internet on your phone to twitter. you just text the website’s number and it’s posted.

  4. ashleyislying

    @fyi – thanks. I didn’t know that.

    I will, however, point out that you can also text Google to get local business locations. Or call a friend. Or do any number of things other than jump out of a car at night in an unfamiliar neighborhood you’ve already recognized as sketchy.

    Still, I do want to be accurate, so thank you.

  5. From one image you can already put holes in her’d think any major news network and the candidates would ‘vet’ the story before deciding to side with the woman..backwards gentle ‘B’, Twitter warning ‘wrong side of Pittsburg’, I’m no bruise expert but that does not look like a bruise and should a punched eye not be bright white? And this picture was taken by herself in her home after the refusal of filing a police report and getting medical help? You report attacks like this to police..especially when using it for public sway. Unbelievable.

    When police have determined it to be a fraud will Fox news and M/P denounce it like any sane person should? Or will they blame mainstream media like all the other racist idiotic actions of some supporters?

  6. to be fair, she isn’t from the area.

  7. ashleyislying

    According to the original article, she drove directly to a friend’s house after the “attack”

    So she was unfamiliar with the area and drove around aimlessly, never asking for directions, but then suddenly remembered she had friend around the corner?

  8. you’ve never tried to figure something out for yourself before asking for help?

  9. ashleyislying

    Not when I’m frightened about where I am and lost in a strange city. No. I get directions before I leave the house.

    Obviously it’s not enough to discount the entire story, but it’s another fishy element.

  10. Aside from the B being “carved” so sweetly and delicately into her face, you have a few other things to add doubts. If it comes back to be true, I’ll be apologizing on a lot of pages, but when it comes out to be a hoax, I’m going to laugh my ass off.

    On her twitter page, where she elaborately plots her way to the bank, she said she was going to a Bank of America to withdraw to avoid atm fees. It says this all happened at a Citizen’s Bank. If she can’t remember where it happened, how in hell did she know her friend’s house was right around the corner or whatever?

    I have mentioned this, but I was robbed before at knife point/gun point in NYC. I never remember anyone screaming out “Vote for Bush and die!!” The couple/few times it happened, they ran as soon as they got (or didn’t get) what they wanted. They don’t stick around. If she was stopping at the ATM for a second, like she claimed, she would have parked right in front of it, stepped out, done her business and got back in. She wouldn’t have left her car a mile away, so conveniently out of camera view. Police are investigating and hopefully it blows up in her face.

    CBS and their ABC counterpart released that the officer saw it on the right side of her face. Guess what! Her whole face would have been flipped if it was an image flip, so it would show up backwards and on the left side of her face. It wasn’t upside-down as the police stated he [the “thug”] pinned her arms down to her chest WITH HIS KNEES. So.. either the news stations that reported it are lying, or she’s a bad liar.

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