Welcome to AshleyIsLying.

I made this site because the attack is just too convenient to the Mccain/Palin ticket to go unscrutinized.

I will attempt to gather what evidence comes out as quickly as possible at this site.

I am especially offended by the racial tone of the alleged attack: 1 6’4″ 200 pound black man dressed in all black attacking a young, white, female Texan. There really could be no better way to stoke racial fears.

And in Western PA.


9 responses to “Welcome to AshleyIsLying.

  1. gimme a break. as a person who fell and hit my face and head on the cement this summer, I can say without hesitation that she is a freaking liar, a hoax, ought to be cast out of the party, her “job” and have her voting rights taken away.

    Black eyes are not “charcoal black”, like kohl eye color. They are splotchy red, purple and various other shades of plums, and not in the first day. Later they will be green and yellow. I have had an accident or two in my life, broke my nose once. A beating like she described would have left at least a broken capillary or a thousand. I could barely open my eyes a few hours after my injury, swelling started immediately, bruising came later. That’s how it WORKS. And I was rushed to the ER immediately — and no one even beat me or “carved” on me.

    Shameful brat. So this is what kind of young person we have to look forward to having in our midst.

    Hey Ashley! I think they make those mirrrors in which you see yourself as others see you — maybe you should invest in one before carving in your face again — you won’t get the letter BACKWARDS.


    I want her charged with filing a false police report, and I want every site who “empathized” to report that.

  2. ashleyislying

    I agree njo. When they prove she is lying or she fesses up, I want to see jail time.

  3. i’m brokey mcpoverty, and i approve this blog. GET EM!

  4. Why the B? Why not an O? I’m formerly from Pgh, and my mother grew up blocks from here. This stinks to high heaven.

  5. Speaking as a Texan, if anyone here reads this and knows this little brat, you can give her a message: We don’t want you here so don’t bother coming back, you racist.

    So sick of people injecting race into this campaign! You don’t have to be on the other side of this to be infuriated by it.

    Go away Ashley. Stay away from Texas, we’re somewhat more sophisticated than you have led the country to believe the last couple of days.

    So, Ashely Todd — I’ve got a word for you that starts with a c and ends with a t, usually reserved for those women who “lose” or kill their kids. I hope your college kicks you out, I BETTER hear that the campaign you’re “helping” makes sure you don’t work their phone banks anymore.

    Again, I don’t care which side perpetrates crap like this, it’s un-American and just plain inhumane to falsely accuse and to make up fairy stories.

  6. by the way, I’m not black, not a democrat, I am a patriot, I am not ignorant, and I know which way to vote just by gauging what is going on in this country and by reading what the rest of the world thinks of us now.

    I don’t need someone to hoax or guilt me into voting a certain way — I can see which way to vote.

    You give 20 year olds a bad name, Ashley Todd.

  7. ashleyislying

    @njo: unfortunately, as you are no doubt aware, many voters ARE susceptible to these sorts of baseless claims.

    Hopefully, if tactics like this fail, we will see them reduced in coming elections.

  8. I know, this is what frightens me — the national gullibility. It seems worse than ever.

    People actually believed this nutcase a lot longer than I would have imagined. It took me exactly a 1/10th of a second (literally looking at the photo) to know it was a lie.

    The idiocy of some U.S. citizens, especially some journalists, is almost as frightening to me as any terrorist.

    And I still do not understand why people I know, who know me and my opinions, and know what I do in my job (research) would assume that I would hate — literally HATE — and fear, anyone but a “war hero”, and that i would welcome all these email forwards that have been going around for 2 years.

    I don’t yell my politics into the face of others, why do they think they can yell theirs at me, essentially, by sending insane rantings via email? Even people I know are drinking the ignorance kool aid.

    I don’t get why people don’t get it.

  9. addenda: I first saw the story via the AP — that’s what sent me into orbit, that it could be considered worth mentioning, given that ridiculous photo of Halloween blackeye makeup and a fingernail-scratched backwards letter. Idiots!

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