Skepticism is mounting.

Michele Malkin has some experience covering fake hate crimes.  And her bells are ringing.  

Read Michele’s take

Update: Over at TMZ, they’re calling hoax.


13 responses to “Skepticism is mounting.

  1. I am from Pittsburgh and am failure with the location where this attack allegedly took place. Apart from it looking like a bad Halloween make-up job, there is no way on God’s green earth that this attach could have happened without witnesses or bystanders stepping in. I am shocked, stunned and saddened that this woman (and Drudge) would sully the good name of Pittsburgh like this. Have these people no shame?

  2. The moment I saw this on the news. I immediately said to my fiance’ that this looks like a hoax. Of course the most obvious was that B being backwards.

    He at first glance said…no, that’s because she probably took the picture herself. Unfortunately, at first glance many people would think that. Therefore, causing them to be completely out raged. As he was!

    I say give it some time and I think all of our minds will be put to ease, only to find out she made this up. And, may have to do some time herself.

    I’m happy that the Obama campaign sent out an immediate response wishing the girl a quick recovery. Having two girls of his own he certainly wouldn’t want one of his children to be attacked because they are black, by a white person.

    There is no justification for such a heinous act. But, there is also no justification if she made this up, because of her hatred for black American’s.

    If that is the case. That child needs help. As she will bring her own children up w/the same hateful beliefs. That to me is worse than the lie she may very well have perpetrated here. Raising more of the same!!!

  3. ashleyislying

    @ LAPens – From the google street view I posted, I can see that there are several cameras nearby, and also that the ATM is located under a street light.

    Everyone suffers when stories like this are fabricated.

  4. ashleyislying

    @pam – While I find it hard to believe that that ‘B’ shaped wound and black eye are genuine, I do hope Ashley eventually gets the help she needs.

  5. Michelle Frost

    When it comes out that this story is fake, that girl owes a public apology to the Obama campaign. It’s disgusting what lengths these people will go to. This girl needs the help of a shrink.

  6. ashleyislying

    @ Michelle -perhaps an apology to O is in order.

    But first, to victims of actual assault, to pittsburgh, to black men, to the Pittsburgh Police, hell, even to McCain/Palin…

  7. The black eye looks pretty fake… there is no swelling, just some discoloration.

    The backward “B” was obviously done in front of a mirror by someone too pathetically stupid to get it right.

    Her story stinks to high heaven.

  8. How old is photo? The black eye doesn’t look like the photo was taken shortly after the alleged beating.

  9. Where’s the swelling??? Geez Louise…anyone that’s ever gotten a shiner knows there’s trauma around the wound…she has no puffiness or swelling around her eye???

    Looks like someone went to WalMart and got a $2 Halloween makeup kit and played “trick or treat” on the Philly police.

  10. I’m very skeptical. Not only is the “B” backwards and very superficial, it’s so tidy and correctly-shaped. I suspect if someone were sitting on my chest, pinning my arms with his legs and trying to carve into my FACE – even IF I had been overpowered -I’d be thrashing quite a bit. I just can’t imagine holding still enough to allow such a perfect backwards “B” to be carved into my flesh. I don’t buy it.

  11. As a McCain supporter, I am very skeptical about this story. My gut tells me that this is a hoax. Sad, because she makes our campaign look bad. All McCain supporters should be outraged by this woman’s actions. I know I am!

  12. Ashley Todd,… Was Not The First

    Susan Smith, 23, claimed a Black carjacker kidnapped her young sons.

    The lies smack of this incident in the mid-nineties when Susan pushed her 2 sons, who were in her car, into a watery grave. Its a shame when blacks become stereotypical, and conveniently indicative of their race

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